Unreal Engine Vs Unity 3D: Which one did we choose

Unreal Engine Vs Unity 3D is something of a mantra, but which one do I choose?
Do I create my own proprietary engine?
The questions need some investigation because they are of fundamental importance to anyone who has decided to get into the world of Videogame development.

When we at Breaking Studio were faced with these dilemmas, we tried to find a square, starting with what our needs were.

The first question we asked ourselves was:
Are we able to build a proprietary engine in one year?

Of course, although it sounds like a simple question, it touches a lot of strings that each of us has inside.
Captained by the feeling of defiance toward the world in proving that we can do it all!!! (as every nerd knows).

But then we put pride aside and, realizing that we didn’t have to conquer the world, we assessed that to develop a proprietary Engine we would have to spend years on research and development.
Thus moving away from our primary goal of developing video games.

So we needed an engine that was already made, ready to be used.
We found 2 big engines on the market that are fighting to excel.

Unreal Engine is an engine created back in 1998 as the engine for the game of the same name
Unreal. Not to be confused with the game by Ubisoft from 1990.
So many years have passed and so much has been done, at Epic Games, by the creators of the engine.

Also famous today for creating two games that are rocking the market: Fortnite and Rocket League
are now two cult games that had the ability to invent a new approach to free-to-play and perhaps to invent it.

Unity 3D
comparison on the market in the not-so-distant 2005. Definitely younger than Unreal but no less fascinating.
Created by Unity Technology after facing a disappointment with their first game, they understood the market’s need for an inexpensive Engine.

Choice that paid off because over the years they have conquered the market coming to contend with Unreal for hegemony in this field.

But back to us and the fateful choice we had to make.

Two engines, both good, a long way to go. What could help us in our choice?

We relied on our experience and knew that we had to have both affordable costs and a community behind the engines that would allow us to survive if we made mistakes.

Both have two important communities and free courses that would help us.
Let’s look at licensing instead:

Unity allows free use
of the engine up to a revenue with the games produced of about $100,000

Unreal allows use by paying
a 5% royalty on the revenue from the produced game.

What can I say so the choice was clear to us we went with Unity.


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