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Are you looking for fun online strategy games? Here you will find the right game.

After months of preparation, ideas, and defining the architecture and rules of meetings by night and day, DanDuel is ready to revolutionize the planet of strategy games.

DanDuel is a game where luck doesn’t matter, and your skill and quickness are the only things you need to win.

Quick 90-second matches that will allow you to play in both small time slots or in possible long sessions.

Are you ready to challenge other players in a straightforward strategy game?

DanDuel: a game of pure strategy

Strategy and intelligence are condensed into eight rounds of a few seconds. You will have to carefully choose your three moves in just eight seconds at the exact time of your opponent.

You can see your opponent’s moves only at the end of the round, when you should plan your countermove in four seconds.

Limited time will make life difficult for you.

Will you be able to show that you are quick to plan and counterattack?

Challenge other players and apply your strategy

Challenge millions of players worldwide to prove who is the best, or play with your friends in breathtaking challenges.

Playing your turn at the exact time as your opponent makes game strategy the key factor to win.

Quick moves and countermoves will guide your game by forcing your opponent to make a fatal mistake.

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