Shotgun Sport

App type
Virtual Reality Videogame
Do you want to improve your shooting skills?

Learn how to shoot and play skeet shooting playing Shotgun Sport with your friends using just a Meta Oculus!

Prove that you are the best shooter by winning and ranking the leaderboards!

For whom is Shotgun Sport designed for?

Virtual Reality is a great technological innovation: you can have experiences that do not exist in real life, such as playing skeet shooting in a world of sweets and candy.

Shotgun Sport is a shooting game for Oculus VR and its standout feature is that it allows you to play with your friends in immersive virtual worlds.

Shotgun Sport is designed for shooting lovers who want to improve their skills in the comfort of their own homes and enjoy virtual environments, for those who want to unwind and relieve stress with some fun after a long day at the office or school,  and for those who want to have fun with their friends using just one Oculus device.

How does Shotgun Sport work?

Shotgun Sport has four different game modes:

  • Skeet
  • Trap
  • Double Trap
  • Plate Invaders

You can play Shotgun Sport together with your friends in Party Mode or alone.

Party mode?

You can play Shotgun Sport solo or with your friends. Shotgun Sport provides an opportunity for friendly competition as you challenge each other to shoot the most clay targets!

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